Latest Travel Blog Posts, Tutorials and Travel Tips (2018)

These articles cover mostly general travel stories and travel hacking tutorials. For more hotel and flight related articles, remember to check our luxury hotel reviews and business class flight reviews.

My Travel Gear (Updated July 2018)

Making business class point runs with tight transfers quite often means that you can have only a carry-on bag with you. So you have to pack smart, but on the other hand, make sure that you have all the essential things for those long trips.

10 Must See Things In Phuket

Phuket is a traveler's bucket-list destination for a multitude of reasons: the shimmering golden sands, turquoise waters and luxurious resorts make it a haven for beach and sun seekers.

24 Hours In Venice

Venice needs no introduction. Its walkways along winding canals, decorated bridges, gondolas, magnificent churches and palaces, and lively squares make Venice one of Italy’s most popular tourist destination.

Google Flights Tutorial

Google Flights is an easy-to-use online flight search service which uses search algorithms created by ITA Software. It is an excellent search tool for finding cheap business-class flights.

How to Find Cheap Business-Class Flights - 3 Basic Tips

Flying in business class is a luxury that not everyone can afford. However, you can do your homework and use correct tactics to unlock the opportunity to travel in premium class without having to pay thousands of euros. Here are the first three tips to get you started; more advanced techniques will be unveiled in later posts.